Dr. Camille Howard Verovic

Dr. Camille Verovic is a physician, currently a dermatology resident, and the Founder of GIRL+HAIR, an innovative multicultural hair care brand. Because of her busy schedule, protective styling has always been a great solution. For years, she’s worn protective styles, but she struggled to properly maintain her natural hair while wearing hair extensions or braids resulting in extensive hair breakage. Based on her personal frustration and armed with her medical knowledge and desire to find the best ingredients for optimal hair health, she created UNDER HAIR CARE™, a novel hair care line now found in Target, Sally Beauty, Harmon Face Values, and Ricky’s NYC. The success of UNDER HAIR CARE™, hinges on Camille’s innate ability to listen to the natural hair community and her clinical experience as a dermatology resident. She has used her background and expertise to brand and produce smart, result driven products. This targeted approach to personal care separates Girl + Hair from the lot and positions the brand as a true innovator in the hair care industry. Camille graduated in 2001 from University of Central Florida with a marketing degree and in 2014 from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine with her degree in medicine. She resides in New York City with her husband and business partner and her young daughter. She is a visionary leader and driven entrepreneur with deep interest in marketing and social media. She is also a caring physician who is passionate about medical and cosmetic dermatology.