Kayla Reed

Kayla Reed (she/her) is a Black, queer, organizer and strategist from St. Louis, Missouri. After the killing of Michael Brown in August 2014, Kayla was catapulted into organizing around issues of racial justice, economic justice and policing. She is Co-founder and Director of Action St. Louis, a grassroots organization, working to build Black political power in St. Louis. Action St. Louis has led campaigns to elect progressive candidates to local offices, pass local and state policies, and is currently leading the campaign to close a local jail and end cash bail. Kayla is also a lead strategist in the Movement for Black Lives, where she co-founded the Electoral Justice Project (EJP), a national campaign of the Movement for Black Lives, that seeks to expand and mobilize the Black electorate and strengthen to capacity of Black-led organizations building power across the U.S.